About Me

I am a professional problem-solver, idea generator, systems builder, and collaborator with my clients, who are people whose work does good in the world. To these individuals, I bring every skill and talent I have in my arsenal to partner with them to handle the administrative and operational functions of their businesses — this is the work I love to do! The icing on the cake is that when I do what I love to do — admin and ops, my clients get to do the work that they love to do — GOOD!I bring over 30 years of executive-level administrative support to the table, along with over 17 years of virtual assistance collaborative work. I have worked in various industries, and I’m a very quick study. I love to learn new things, new industries, and meet new people, which is why I love being a Virtual Assistant.Fun fact about me, I love Mickey Mouse. He's fun, loyal, and hard working. He was my inspiration when creating my site!

About My Clients

My clients work with me because I listen, suggest, create, and implement all for the betterment of their business and mine. My clients and I work together to grow our businesses. We are collaborative partners in a long-term relationship.A sampling of the services I offer to my clients are listed below:

  • Updating Social Media platforms

  • Editing written materials

  • Setting up systems: Calendars, Collaboration tools, etc.

  • Newsletter creation and campaigns

  • Posting Blogs/Vlogs

  • Advertising – mailings, email campaigns, etc

  • Monitoring emails/voicemail

  • Updating WordPress websites

  • Problem Solving

  • Expert level MS Office knowledge

  • Bookkeeping

  • Making travel arrangements

  • Gift Purchasing

  • and, more!

Want To Talk

The interesting thing about working with a virtual assistant is that there must be mutual interest to work together. So, to see if there is that fit, I have a process.Step ONE: Complete the form at the bottom. Make sure you tell me how I can find you online. Then I'll set up a time to chat.Step TWO: We have a 15-minute
call where we will actually NOT talk about work. This is an introductory call where we will chat about hobbies, interests, family, movies, etc. Anything other than work to see if we have that ease that people need to move forward in conversation.
Step THREE: If that call goes well, we’ll schedule a 90 minute interview where we both come prepared to share about our businesses, and ask questions. This call will help us get the facts about one another.Step FOUR: If that call goes well, then we’ll schedule a 90 minute call where we discuss our likes/dislikes, pet peeves, how we handle conflict, what core values we treasure, and more.

Getting Started

Thank You

I have received your message, and will be in touch soon.

Client Tributes and Awards

I'm so happy I chose to work with Antonette. She has been great at keeping me on track with tasks and timelines. In addition Antonette is very personable so you never feel like you're working with a robot. Her immense experience has really shone through when I needed extra support making my online presence more polished and presentable. She is IT when it comes to virtual assistants; I mean it a one-stop-shop.
Neferteri Peoples, Life Empowerment Coach
Wellthy In The City
***********Antonette is fast, detailed and extremely professional. She works diligently to understand the goal and delivers top notch products on time.Donnell Karimah, MA, SPHR
PRM Consultant
***********Antonette has been a part of a Another Choice Another Chance DC since day one. Her skills and unique personality have served as a key to open many doors for our organization. Antonette is one of a kind when giving a project or task she completes them on time with efficient delivery. She is the ONE and not the TWO.Ebony Johnson, Founder
Another Choice Another Chance - DC
***********Antonette Artiz is an excellent virtual assistant. Her ability to keep me organized and focused is exemplary. She is prompt, professional, discrete, and extremely efficient. I am happy to refer her to colleagues and clients who I feel can benefit from her unique services.Dona Moon, MSW, LICSW, LCSW-C***********Antonette has provided virtual assistance to the Library Associate Training Institute (of Maryland and Delaware) for three years. During that time, she has orchestrated, managed and attended to all the myriad details that accompany implementing and administering a mandatory six-months’ training program, serving more than 250 people. She has always been willing, capable and conscientious about offering support and “doing” those behind -the-scenes tasks and actions that contribute to the program’s success. In addition, she has been willing to learn – an attribute that is high on our list for learning is the essence of our purpose. Antonette’s assistance has also served to introduce trainees, their supervisors and the library community to the concept of the virtual assistant. She is a great ambassador for AssistU and virtual assistanceship.Honoré Francois, Coordinator
Library Associate Training Institute
***********From the day I first met Antonette on the phone, she "wowed" me with her professionalism, organization, and communication skills. Since then, I have become only more impressed with --and grateful for -- all that she has done to make my organization and me more productive. She is rich with ideas, resources, and efficiency, not to mention her lovely spirit. I could never do my job as president of a board --nor would I want to!-- without her by my side.Bonnie Schaefer, President
PAVCS Board of Trustees
***********As a non-profit association with the aim of pursuing employee benefits education among benefits professionals in the Washington, DC metro region, the Capital Chapter is governed by a Board of Directors who volunteer their services for the educational activities sponsored by the chapter. Since almost every Director is employed full-time in their respective jobs, the chapter has needed someone like a virtual assistant to perform the many administrative tasks that go into organizing an educational event. Fortunately, the chapter has had just such an individual in Antonette Artiz since the last six years.Antonette has proven herself to be invaluable to the chapter as she goes about performing her tasks conscientiously, efficiently and with minimal supervision. Over the years, the chapter has relied on her expertise in not only the administrative duties she very ably performs but also in recommending novel ways in which the chapter can be more effective in growing its membership and in imparting benefits education.Antonette’s exemplary services as a VA have meant that the chapter will continue to contract with a VA, especially one who is trained by AssistU.Hemant Berry, CEBS President (2006)***********Our all-volunteer board could not function without Antonette. We have come to rely very heavily on her expertise and work ethic. She maintains our website, handles the registrations for our seminars and pulls together the seminar materials, among other responsibilities. Before hiring Antonette a number of years ago, the board members were tasked with all these duties, and while they got done, they were not done nearly as well or thoroughly. Antonette is a delight to work with and our Chapter would be hard pressed to replace her. Knowing she is there for us allows us to improve both the quantity and quality of our educational offerings and we highly recommend her.Barbie Frank, CEBS President (2005)***********I tend to have lots of irons in the fire. And, the most invaluable service that Antonette provides me is holding my feet to the fire.Missi Rust, MSW The Wealthy Coach